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BIL-T Architecture of Tomorrow - Julie Choo

In this session, Julie Choo and Whynde Kuehn discuss "The Digital Operating Model of the Future".
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BIL-T Architecture of Tomorrow - Daniel Lambert

Most well-known and traditional businesses are currently deploying digital technologies on the cloud, using the Internet of things and mobile applications, among others. More and more are testing and starting to deploy artificial intelligence ...
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BIL-T Architecture of Tomorrow - Luca De Risi

Enterprise architecture continues to evolve as organizations prioritize being lean, agile, and resilient. We’ve all seen that academic approaches to EA have failed to demonstrate value ...
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Value of an Architecture Qualification or Certification

What value do employers and individuals place on the variety of architecture qualifications and certifications available? Panel discussion including BCS and IASA.
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BIL-T Architecture of Tomorrow - Mike Serra

This presentation will be adapted from Mr. Serra's article "Face/Off: The Battle to Authenticate with Biometrics," published by the Yale Journal of Law and Technology.
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BIL-T Architecture of Tomorrow - Grant Ecker

Many EA practices struggle with an engagement model that only brings EA into the conversation after the initiatives and program plans have been determined by IT and business leadership.
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Scott Ambler on Agile Architecture

Paul interviews Scott on the latest podcast from The Argument
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Grady Booch on Architecture

Paul interviews Grady on the latest podcast from The Argument
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Machine Learning Overview by Krishnapriyan Sridharan

Understanding machine learning, use cases, frameworks and algorithms.
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Cracking The Data Science Code by Wee-Hyong Tok

Learn hands on techniques in understanding and leading in data science methods.
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11 Keys to Architecture from Iasa Assessments

Principles and guidelines for setting up an architecture practice for success.
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Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank

Santanu Dutta discusses Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank.
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SD-WAN and the Cloud

Alex Ratcliffe cloud applications are changing the way we are building out an enterprise environment
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Neil Mulholland - Digital Business: Design for the Future, Remember the Past

There are many advantages of migrating to the Cloud and there has been a huge momentum built ...
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The Changing Role of the Architect by Gunnar Menzel

During this presentation Gunnar will detail how they in Capgemini see the role of an Architect shift
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Using Architecture Principles in Practice by Eoin Woods

How architecture principles can be used to be more successful in day to day projects and programs.
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