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Financial Advisory Role of Future Digital Bank

Financial Advisory Role of Future Digital Bank by Santanu Dutta Presentation Abstract: Present technology paradigm shift is disrupting banking industry in a big scale now. We all are curious to understanding how this transformation is going to reshape banking industry. In that context, we will try to find answer to the following questions: What

Business Architecture Metamodel Update

Business Architecture Metamodel Update by Jeffery Wallk Presentation Abstract: As more organizations adopt reference models supporting business strategy, planning, and execution, they are looking for ways to simplify complexity, align these industry and technical models, and accelerate the shift from reactive to proactive positions. The Guild Meta Model Team has been working on developing a scaleable

Business Architecture and the Open Group

Business Architecture and TOGAF Alignment by Chalon Mullins This presentation will provide an update on the collaboration between the Business Architecture Guild and the Open Group on enhancing and updating the business architecture relevant content in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).  The presentation will highlight the key changes in TOGAF.  It will also provide

Biometrics Role in Cybersecurity

Biometrics Role in Digital Security by Sam Youness Biometrics Role in Digital Security: Biometrics have quickly become the go-to methods for securing digital assets. Smart phone providers, computer operating systems, and other digital assets, increasingly support finger printing and facial recognition. New technologies are also being invented everyday to encounter hackers and prevent them from stealing

Systems Architecting Experience

Systems Architecting Experience by Alexander Samarin Alexander Samarin wrote his first software program in the year 1973. He obtained a PhD (in computer graphics) in the year 1986. He has worked for a variety of international clients in Switzerland, UK, France, Australia and Africa. He specialises in architecture, implementation and evolution of enterprise-wide solutions with the

IT Reference Framework – Encouraging smarter decisions and connecting the dots

IT Reference Framework by Richard Diver Presentation Abstract: In this session, Richard will present a new concept framework for the presentation and documentation of technical and logical solutions architecture. This framework provides a reference based visual representation of the flow from the end user to the back-end data source. With it, you will be able to

Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics by Kiran Bettadapur Kiran Bettadapur is a practising advocate specializing in corporate law, M&A, company valuation, international trade law and property rights, both immovable and intellectual. He is also an engineer, investor and entrepreneur with interests in Internet applications, handheld computing, medical systems and security solutions. His expertise extends to secretarial matters in money,