Title of the Profession

We are getting very interesting feedback on the title of the profession survey. Take it here. Thought our readers would be interested in some of the views from practicing architects. 95% have more than 12 years experience. It's fairly obvious that there are holes in the understanding of what an architect is (or the overarching

Understanding Identity and Trust in a Cognitive IoT World

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As the juggernaut of IoT and Cognitive Computing continues it is becoming evident that we will need a much more robust Identity solution than the ones we currently have. A large part of this is due to the fact that systems are more and more interacting with each other and invoking actions on behalf of

Open Source is Enterprise Ready – “Moving from Time Telling to Clock Building”

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by Bhagvan Kommadi Once purely academic, open source is now enterprise ready. We have begun to see many customers build enterprise-specific platforms by choosing open source components during the architectural design process. Such projects in telecom, banking, financial services and insurance have begun to demystify "the myth of reuse" by using open source components selectively. As

Enterprise Architects & Digital Investment Management


By: Mike Gruia Today’s Enterprise Architects (EAs) must do more than simply define and enforce technology standards. Those who don’t adapt and focus their energies on business outcomes risk becoming irrelevant. When the EA and PMO are integrated and work closely and effectively together, the organization’s ability to execute on its business strategy increases dramatically. EAs