Dependency Management is Risk Management

By:  Gene Hughson ow well-managed are your dependencies? Are you aware of all of them? Which ones can fail gracefully? Which ones allow the application to continue in a degraded state in the event of a failure? How many dependencies would cause your application to become unavailable in the event of a failure? It's instructive

How Good is Your Business Architecture?

by: Scott Whitmire One of the roles a business architect can fill once they tire of the IT rat race is to assess businesses for overall architecture soundness. Assessment tools are a key part of a troubleshooter’s toolbox and help create the diagnoses that lead to new strategies. The connection between a diagnosis and strategy

Don’t Back Into Architecture

By:  Principal Solution Architect, Deluxe Corporation Many who have entered the young profession of IT Architecture have done so through a ?back door.? One can enter by virtue of lots of IT experience, but sooner or later that person will hit the wall as the challenges and expectations of the position set in. Iasa?s structuring

Iasa Spain Chapter – Business Technology Strategy Foundation Pillar

by: Pietro N. Romano El pilar de Business Technology Strategy trata el vínculo esencial entre el negocio y la tecnología, situando el arquitecto como el encargado de la estrategia tecnología. El pilar abarca áreas fundamentales como las metodologías de gestión estratégica, valoración de negocios, priorización de inversiones y análisis de requisitos y restricciones. En este