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Effective Meetings

This course is for anyone interested in improving upon their meeting style and process to have an effective meeting and what that means..

This 60 minute self-paced online course delivers an interactive training to help students understand what makes an effective meeting, the 4 keys of an effective meeting, and an interactive quiz to test your understanding of the material learned is included.

Target Audience

  • Entry level business professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Anyone looking to become more effective at meetings
  • College students

Course Objectives

  • Learn general business etiquette when attending a meeting
  • Learn how to make future meetings effective
  • Learn how to respond to issues with a meeting


Lesson 1 – Business Meeting Etiquette

Lesson 2 – Scheduling Meetings

Lesson 3 – Owning Your Meeting

Lesson 4 – Evaluation of the Meeting Process

Lesson 5 – Interactive Game


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