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Business Technology Strategy: Online  03/26/2014 To 05/02/2014
IASA Architect Core: Issaquah, WA  04/21/2014 To 04/25/2014
Iasa Architect Core: Bogota, Colombia  05/10/2014 To 05/31/2014

Membership Application

Iasa's top priority is to provide the most beneficial tools to help architects continuously to grow and succeed; and empower the global architecture community in its entirety. As an Iasa member you don't only gain access to exclusive content, networking opportunities, events and programs around the globe - you get the opportunity to shape the profession.

Starting December 9th 2013; Iasa is introducing a new “Basic Free Membership” level allowing new people to the organization to explore a limited selection of benefits and learn more about Iasa, the largest global professional non-profit association for Enterprise and Technology architects.

Basic Free Membership

  • Subscription to Iasa newsletters for industry, event and education news
  • Access to free architectural and trends focused webinars
  • Limited access to virtual knowledge and research communities
  • Limited access to the online Iasa content repository
  • Limited access to local chapter activities*
*Chapter benefits vary for each chapter. Check with the local chapter leadership team for local Basic Free Membership benefits.

Full Iasa Membership include:

  • Subscription to biweekly Iasa newsletters for industry, event and education news
  • Full access to architectural and trends focused webinars and E-summits
  • Full access to local, global and virtual knowledge and research communities
  • Full access to 1,000+ white papers, articles, podcasts and presentations in the online Content Repository
  • Extensive online Self-Assessment including learning resources for each pillar
  • Downloadable IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK)
  • Free Professional Lucid Chart account (a $100 value!)
  • Access to free online courses (Introduction to Leadership)
  • Discounts to all online training courses
  • Online Membership Directory

    Local Chapter Benefits:
  • Access to all local chapter events and activities
  • Access to chapter programs tailored to the local community
  • Special interest and certification study group meetings
  • Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with your peers
  • Generous discounts for industry conferences
  • Discounts for all local education/training events
  • Local certification opportunities
  • Speaking opportunities at chapter events, conferences and webinar
  • Participate on Iasa Boards and Committees

To get the most benefits out of your chapter membership, please choose the local or regional chapter closest to your area.

NOTE: If you already have a username and password, but are not a member, please click here to login and then you can proceed with the membership enrollment.

My Membership Enrollment
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$37.50  Student Membership
$37.50  Contributing Membership
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