CITA-F Certification
CITA-F = Certified Information Technology Architect - Foundation Level

Previously named Iasa Foundation Certification, this certification is based off of the Iasa IT Body of Knowledge (ITABoK). This certification introduces practical application and best practices. For additional information, please see the tabs below.




Why should I get certified?

Earning the CITA-Foundation certification provides recognition of your knowledge in IT Architecture.  The certification is an industry standard, and the only certification that leads to a structured process for gaining the skills you need as a practicing architect.

Where did the CITA-F (Certified Information Technology Architect Foundation) certification come from?

The CITA-F exam certification was introduced by the Iasa Board of Education, an international board of independent practitioners, from research and deliberation that took over 5 years to perfect.  It is based on the knowledge and skills taxonomy in the Iasa ITABoK.

Why get the CITA-F?

Developing your skills as an architect is difficult without a clear pathway and defined baseline. The CITA-F will demonstrate to employers that you are on this path and are taking the steps necessary to become a fully qualified architect.

Do I need to take the Iasa Architect Core course before I can take the CITA-F?

Attending the Architect Core course is not required before taking the exam. However we recommend taking the course to improve your chances of passing the exam. if you choose not to attend the course, it is strongly recommended to download the ITABoK available in the Iasa content repository and familiarize yourself with it.

Do I need the CITA-F to qualify for the CITA-P certification?

You do not have to take the CITA-F exam if you are already prepared and experienced enough to qualify for the CITA-P. However we recommend the course and certification prior to CITA-P to help ensure you understand the skills taxonomy in depth and to improve your chances of successfully completing the program.


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What makes the CITA-F different from other IT Architect certification programs?

Iasa is the only organization with tiered training and test based certifications for our entry level programs. Our members believe that training architecture is possible and the CITA-F is an indication of your level of knowledge.

How can hiring managers and HR departments verify CITA-F Certifications?

An online profile will be created as part of the CITA-F community.

English is not my first language, will this hurt my ability to pass a board certification?

As local chapters have more and more architects go through certification, the Iasa community will be able to translate in local languages globally.  This will also help limit the cost of travel.

How much does the certification cost?


How many years of experience do I need as an architect to take the CITA-F?

Typically, successful candidates have between 1-3 years of experience in IT and have studied the ITABoK in depth.

How do I maintain my certification and continuing education credits (CEU) requirements?

The easiest way to receive CEUs is through your local chapter events.  Iasa also holds global conferences, e-summits and webinars.  Iasa has also accredited many industry training and community events.

CITA-F individuals will be required to take 10 CEUs per year.  You can track and submit your CEUs here.

What will I receive after I pass?

You will be granted access to the online community, and will receive a certificate.  You will also have access to the CITA-F Logo to include on business cards and email signature.

What if I do not pass my CITA-F?

Many times candidates that do not pass find the process invaluable to their personal and professional growth.  You will be eligible to re-attempt your certification in 30 days. To re-take the exam, you will need to register and pay the $300 exam fee again.

What are the specifics of the exam?

The exam is a 75 question multiple choice and true/false exam. The exam is offered at the end of the Architect Core course or online at your convenience. A passing grade is 70%. You are given 2.5 hours to complete the exam.


In order to pass the exam for certification, a thorough and complete understanding of the ITABoK is necessary.

Module 1: Who is Iasa?
Module 2: Business Technology Strategy
Module 3: Human Dynamics
Module 4: IT Environment
Module 5: Quality Attributes
Module 6: Design
Module 7: Engagement

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