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11 Keys to Architecture from Iasa Assessments

Principles and guidelines for setting up an architecture practice for success.
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Not all technical debt should be treated equally

The problem is how to measure technical debt and focusing on the right kind of technical debt
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Understanding Identity and Trust in a Cognitive IoT World

We will need a much more robust Identity solution than the ones we currently have.
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One of My Capabilities – Risk Management

Risk management is a critical aspect to architecture practice.
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“Not my Way” is not the same as “Wrong”

Having the maturity to keep your ego out of it makes it more likely to succeed.
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Chris Haddad – Scale Cloud Across Enterprise

How to scale cloud strategy and cloud tactics across the organization
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Bumper Sticker Philosophy

YAGNI: You Ain't Gonna Need It.
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Architecture and Digital Innovation Don’t Happen at a Desk

Get your EA team out of their cubicles and start transforming your enterprise.
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Architecture Description Really Matters

The architecture description is the end product of an architecture development process, and it is the ultimately visible representation of architecture.
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