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How can I be successful implementing Microservices?

the more changes you make when adopting microservices the greater your chance of success
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Modern EA for Innovation and Resilience by Paul Preiss

Architects can drive change and growth by delivering digital systems
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Leveraging Business Architecture to Build a Resilient and Sustainable Organization by Whynde Kuehn

Resilient and sustainable organizations and business ecosystems using the natural world.
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Application Security Principles throughout the Software Development Lifecycles

The goal is a baked-in security process from beginning to end that becomes repeatable and measurable.
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Agility, Cloud, Server-less and Architecture

Peter Rombouts from Sogeti joins me to discuss the hottest trends in architecture.
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Model Driven Software Development

“A model is an abstracted representation of reality…”
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Is Agile Headed for a Backlash

Is agile failing as it succeeds?
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Interview with Jason Bloomberg

Our very own Paul Preiss sits down for an in-depth interview with Jason Bloomberg, CEO of Intellyx.
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A Study of Innovation

Phil Wheat and his innovative shopping cart technology that will revolutionize the retail industry.
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Are You an Accidental or Intentional Architect?

The first step in preparing for capability on demand is to set up for capacity on demand, but this can only occur after a CIO gets the IT house in order operationally.
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Understanding Identity and Trust in a Cognitive IoT World

We will need a much more robust Identity solution than the ones we currently have.
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Design? Security and Privacy? YAGNI

Avoiding unnecessary complexity and unneeded features are good ideas at first glance. The problem is determining what is unnecessary and unneeded.
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