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Leveraging Business Architecture to Build a Resilient and Sustainable Organization by Whynde Kuehn

Resilient and sustainable organizations and business ecosystems using the natural world.
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Understanding Identity and Trust in a Cognitive IoT World

We will need a much more robust Identity solution than the ones we currently have.
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Software Architect Career and Role

Understanding a software and solution architecture design process is critical to the role.
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Star Schemas for Integration

The star schema consists of one or more fact tables which reference any number of dimension tables.
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Introduction to Infrastructure Architecture

An introduction to a new branch of architecture that is urgently needed to support modern organizations, and needed to help architecture to mature as a whole.
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Introduction to Open Source and the need for Governance and Compliance

Open source software (OSS) is pervasive in today's deployed software and the supply chain.
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Bumper Sticker Philosophy

YAGNI: You Ain't Gonna Need It.
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Architecture Is A Who Not A What

To be successful in any type of architecture initiative remember that a great architecture is a who and not a what.
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Modern EA for Innovation and Resilience by Paul Preiss

Architects can drive change and growth by delivering digital systems
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