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Our chapter meetings are on the last Thursday of each month. Please see the upcoming events tab for details. We look forward to you joining us and contributing to the knowledge, leadership and excitement.

We invite you to Collaborate, Learn and Contribute towards achieving excellence in IT Architecture and bring added value to your career, to others and to the profession.

Chapter News

Recent Presentations: 

Intentional Architect (Randy Ynchausti, November 21, 2013)

Utah.gov Site Architecture (Robert Woolley, March 13, 2014)

Cloud Computing Architecture (Tom Creighton, May 08, 2014)

State of Utah Security Architecture Case Study (Robert Woolley, June 26, 2014), Checklists, SDLC

inContact Azure-Based Architecture (Raju Pusapati, July 31, 2014)

Enterprise Message Exchange (EMX) Architecture (Michael Prinster, October 30, 2014)

Customer Care Nexus (Raju Pusapati, January 29, 2015)

Upcoming Events

List of Events for 3/1/2015 to 3/1/2016
Utah IASA March 2015 Chapter Meeting
03/26/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA April 2015 Chapter Meeting
04/30/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA May 2015 Chapter Meeting
05/28/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA June 2015 Chapter Meeting
06/25/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA July 2015 Chapter Meeting
07/30/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA August 2015 Chapter Meeting
08/27/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA September 2015 Chapter Meeting
09/24/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
Utah IASA October 2015 Chapter Meeting
10/29/2015 5:30 PM To 8:00 PM
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Tom Creighton - Chapter President

Tom Creighton has more than 30 years' experience in software and systems engineering. Over the past 15 years he has contributed as principal engineer, architect, or lead architect on a variety of IT projects. His experience centers around creating scalable IT systems supporting large data sets and providing access across the Internet to 10s of thousands of concurrent users.

He is currently working as CTO and Chief Architect at Family Search, the largest global genealogical society. In this role he has critical architectural responsibility for the systems built by Family Search to enable genealogical research. This includes infrastructure, software, and system design to support search across billions of vital records, access to digital images of vital records comprising petabytes of storage, and management of a combined pedigree system holding more than a billion individual records all interconnected by lineage relationships.


Randy Ynchausti - Chapter Vice President

Randy Ynchausti is a seasoned veteran with real-time process control software, advanced AI and systems engineering. Over the past 20 years he has contributed as architect, manager and principle engineer for a variety of projects and systems. His holds patents for software and mechanical devices and is a recognized author and presenter.

He is currently working as Software Architect of the Family Tree application of Family Search, the largest global genealogical society.

Raju Pusapati - Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Raju Pusapati is an excelling IT Architect who is currently working as Software Architect at inContact (www.incontact.com) and has 20 years of extensive experience in IT Application/Solution/System architecture, design & implementation of high performance SOA Based Windows & Web applications utilizing a wide technologies, methodologies and patterns. Raju has an Engineering degree in Computer Sciences  and a Masters in Business Administration (with specialization in IT management). Apart from these credentials, Raju has multiple certifications including Microsoft’s MCSD, MCSE and MCDBA, Sun certification and IASA CITA-S certification. Raju is a founding member (President) of Utah IT Architects association (www.utarch.org), founding member (President) of Telugu Assn of Utah (www.taofu.org), and currently serving as executive committee member for APNA Foundation (www.apnafoundation.org) for also which he served as technology committee chair in the past

Brent Fisher - Chapter Board Member

Brent Fisher is a talented, curious and passionate technologist with 16 years of experience building applications and systems using many technologies. Brent is smart and gets the job done.  Brent is passionate about DevOps, Continuous Deployment, design for reliability and has hands on experience on most levels of application delivery, including Xnix flavor scripting, Jenkins, Server side code development with Spring based technologies, REST, UX and others.  Brent is also carefully keen on excellent UI design and developing systems with automation in mind to enable microservices architectures and CD techniques.  Brent currently works as Principal Software Architect designing a BPMN engine at Fidelity Investments.