The Iasa community is at the forefront in providing the most current skills training, best practices and business development strategies. Our courses and certification examinations are lead by the Iasa Board of Education, which is a volunteer, member-based board of certified architects who are responsible for setting our global curriculum, certification and education policies.    

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Download Iasa's full training and certification catalog which covers all instructor led training.

Iasa recommends the Architect Core training first prior to moving to the specialization tracks.  

Pre -work to Architect Core is the ITABoK- Free for Full Members (registration required)

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Onsite and Online Instructor-led Training

Architect Core

Foundation level course covering the 5 Pillars of IT Architecture.

Exam = CITA-F

Business Technology Strategy

Pre-requisite course for all Associate Level courses. This course covers the knowledge required to adapt technical solutions to business processes.

Business Architecture

Associate level course which develops advanced skills in business valuation of technology and human dynamics.

Exam = CITA-A Business

Information Architecture

Associate level course which develops skills, frameworks and tools required to facilitate successful management and development of information systems.

Exam = CITA-A Information

Infrastructure Architecture

Associate level course which develops knowledge in infrastructure engineering and delivery practices.

Exam = CITA-A Infrastructure

Software Architecture

Associate level course which expands knowledge in software engineering and application development practices.

Exam = CITA-A Software

Solution Architecture

Associate level course which develops an architect’s skills to effectively function as a project delivery architect for midsize to large projects.

Exam = CITA-A Solution


Online Self-Paced Training

Cloud 101

This course provides a high level understanding of Cloud concepts and capabilities across the various Cloud service models.

Agile: DAD

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is an IT process decision framework for delivering sophisticated agile solutions in the enterprise.

Effective Meetings

This 60-minute, self-paced online course delivers interactive training to help students understand what makes an effective meeting.

Negotiation 101

60 minute course covering negotiation styles and techniques.

Intro to Leadership

This 60-minute course is for anyone interested in becoming a leader or those who have just entered a leadership position.

Presentation Skills

This 60-minute, self-paced online course delivers interactive training that will offer you techniques to help improve your skills and confidence when faced with speaking to others.

IT Governance

This e-book course is for any IT professionals, old and new, that want to gain a better understanding of governance.

Management of Meetings

This 60-minute course is for anyone interested in improving upon their meeting style and process, and learning how to effectively manage meetings.

Comparing Frameworks & Methodologies

This course touches on frameworks and methodologies in Corporate Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Solution Architecture.





Iasa certifications are the first global industry architect certifications that are completely vendor independent and run only by practicing architects. Iasa provides four levels of certification which describe the major milestones in an architect's career. 

Which Certification is Right for You?

Regardless of where you are in your career Iasa Global has a certification for you. The Iasa Certification Program delineates a four-tier certification path designed to level-set architects based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of professional knowledge of architectural skills and management.

Click here to view a presentation by Iasa's CEO, Paul Preiss, describing this certification path and what it means to your career.

Certification Types

Certified IT Architect - Foundation = CITA-F

Certified individuals will demonstrate awareness of the Foundation ITABoK through a multiple choice exam.

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Certified IT Architect - Associate = CITA-A

Certified individuals will demonstrate practical application of Associate ITABoK and their Specialization ITABoK through multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and design challenge questions.

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Certified IT Architect - Specialist = CITA-S

Certified individuals will demonstrate excellence and experience in applying skills and knowledge from ITABoK, Skills Taxonomy and Specialization through experience documentation, presentation and panel interviews.

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Certified IT Architect - Professional = CITA-P

Certified individuals will demonstrate synthesis and industry leadership in the the Skills Taxonomy, their primary Specialization, depth in a particular Domain or Sub-Specialization, as well as significant contribution to industry through research, mentoring and other contributions. This will be demonstrated through experience documentation, presentation, contribution description and verification and panel interviews.

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