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Välkommen till Svenska IASA!

IASA är en organisation för IT arkitekter. Vi är ett forum för debatt, vi sprider kunskap och erbjuder ett globalt nätverk av andra arkitekter.

Ju mer komplexa IT system som skapas desto större blir behovet att skapa ordning och följa en strategi - IT arkitektur ar något som vi måste arbeta med pa flera plan och kunskap inom området har aldrig varit viktigare än idag.

The Iasa Sweden chapter offers a number of exciting activities and events for local members in 2014 including:

Regular Training Events

Regular Certification Events

Project Akropolis :  
The goal is to create a Swedish independent book on IT architecture. The target audience is aspiring IT architects and already practicing IT architects with a number of years in the profession who wish to gain a better understanding of what IT architecture really means. It is intended that the book will serve as an overview of the key areas that affect an IT architect and provide practical advice on the subject. To learn more, click here.

7th Annual ITARC 2014: Iasa has partnered with the Swedish Computer Society for this years conference on April 2nd.  This years theme is: Intelligence Systems and Architectures for Application in AI

Iasa Sweden: Iasa Gothenburg and Iasa Stockholm

Chapter News / Blogs

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List of Events for 1/1/2012 to 1/1/2013
Sweden Chapter Event: The Architect Program at Volvo IT
10/24/2012 6:00 PM To 8:00 PM
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Daniel Akenine - Iasa Sweden President 
Working for the Microsoft Technology Office helping public policy makers understand the long term impact of technology on social and economic development.
Chapter president for IASA working to develop guidelines and architectural principles for the global IT architect community.
- Member of IASA board of directors
- Member of Swedish Information Security Council
- Working with Swedish Standards Institute

Anders Larson - Chapter Board Member

Peter Tallungs - Chapter Board Member

Per-Erik Padron - Chapter Board Member