2014 Update

Iasa has placed the mentoring program on hold while exploring mentoring program portal options and the need throughout the community. For CITA-S and CITA-P candidates, 3 coaching sessions with a certified architect is included in your registration for either level.

 If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact Iasa at: education@iasaglobal.org


Iasa has the only world-class mentoring solution for architects and architecture teams in enterprise and technology architecture. We have world-class mentors including Iasa Fellows and Certified IT Architect Professionals.  Don't forget to ask us about our corporate mentoring programs for architect capability and team development.

The program gives you a year to work with as many mentors as you would like. Joining now will give you 1 year of access. Each of the mentoring sessions last approximately 60 days (2 full months) and allow you to develop specific skills to help you in your day to day work. You may have as many mentors as you would like. Each mentoring session will provide you many opportunities to work with experienced architects in the following areas:

  • Focus Area: Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture and Software Architecture
  • Industry: Retail, Grocery, Insurance, Defense, Banking, etc.
  • Skill Area: Valuation Techniques, Presentation Skills, UML, Design, Architecture Descriptions, Leadership, Security, Reliability, etc.
  • Next-Generation Technology: SOA, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Data Center, etc.
Key Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits for you and your organization. No other organization in the world has a global architect mentoring capability other than the Iasa.

  • Easy to participate 
  • Takes only minutes to join the program
  • Create a rich user profile with preferences
  • Tools for matching
  • Powerful search and filtering of mentors/mentees
  • Matching based on criteria defined by administrator
  • Facilitate the entire Mentoring Lifecycle
  • Create goals and action plan
  • Regular reminders and other communication
  • Feedback from mentee/mentors
  • Bridge Mentoring and Social Networking
  • Question & Answers and Discussion Forums
  • Guides and Articles provided by mentors
  • Privacy safeguards
  • Contact information well protected


Finding a Mentor

Traditionally finding a mentor has been next to impossible. Highly qualified architects were few and far between and finding someone who matched you personally and could help you meet your professional goals was impossible. In addition you would have to work within the organization to utilize any of their time. With the Iasa mentoring program that problem is a thing of the past. Our virtual mentor system makes it easy to identify individuals who have committed their valuable time to helping you in your career. Take a look at an example screen shot from our mentoring solution.

Private Mentoring Area

The private mentoring area allows you to work towards experience and accomplishment in a secure location.

In Depth Knowledge Sharing

Constantly researching and publishing, Iasa mentors will be invaluable in your quest to achieve the next level, even if you are already 20 years into the field.

Iasa Fellowship giving back to the community.

Grady Booch,  IBM
Grady Booch is recognized internationally for his innovative work on software architecture, modeling, and software engineering process. His work has improved the effectiveness of software developers worldwide. He has been with Rational Software Corporation as Chief Scientist since its founding in 1980. Grady is one of the original developers of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and was also one of the original developers of several of Rational's products including Rational Rose. Grady has served as architect and architectural mentor for numerous complex software systems around the world. 
Scott Whitmire
Certified professional IT architect with more than 30 years of experience in Enterprise-Level Systems Architecture, Software Development Leadership, measurement and optimization of architectures and systems designs, corporate performance measurement, development, enhancement, and orchestration of technical products/platforms, multi-million dollar technical projects, cross-functional teams, organizational objectives, bottom line results, and delivery of breakthrough products for future growth. Expertise in Product Development, Architecture and Design Measurement and Optimization, Operations Optimization, Project Management, Cost Control, IT Strategy, Team Leadership, Motivation, Operational Streamlining, System Improvements, Cost Reduction, Long-term Project Management, Client Management, and Client-centric Technical Solutions. Specialties: Large, complex systems; measurement and optimization of business processes, information systems architectures, and software application designs; difficult technical problems; quickly learn new tools, languages, or business domains.

Max Poliashenko

Max had entered into the Software Architect career 15 years ago and works currently as Chief Enterprise Architect for Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting in North America. Currently, Max leads the architecture governance of software products across multiple business units with 500M in annual revenue. Prior to that, he worked in the Strategic Architecture group at Bank of America and led the software architecture team at Sage Small Business Accounting in North America. 

Max has a strong interest in Architecture and Software Development methodologies, as well as international business. This is evident by his current activity in the Architect community having served as the IASA Atlanta Chapter President for many years as well contributing to the IASA Education and Certification committees and serving on the Microsoft Certified Architect Advisory Board. Max holds a Ph.D. in Physics and CITA-P and MCA certifications respectively.

Nick Rozanski

portrait of nick rozanski

Nick Rozanski is an Enterprise Technical Architect for Marks and Spencer, the United Kingdom’s largest clothing and food retailer. His current architectural portfolio is focused on integration and workflow, but he also has a strong interest in information architecture and in the role and practice of the software architect.

Nick has worked in IT since 1980 for several large and small systems integrators, including Logica, Capgemini, and Sybase. He has taken senior roles on a wide range of programs for clients in finance, retail, manufacturing, and government. His technology background includes enterprise application integration, package implementation, relational database, data replication, and object-oriented software development. He is also an experienced technical instructor and certified internal project auditor.

Nick was educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Manchester United Kingdom.

You can find out more about Nick here.                                 

Eoin Woods

portrait of eoin woods

Eoin Woods has been working in the software engineering field since 1990 for companies including Ford, Groupe Bull, Sybase, InterTrust, and Zuhlke Engineering, in applied research, server product development and large-scale information systems implementation roles. Today, Eoin works for UBS Investment Bank as a software and enterprise architect in the exchange traded derivatives area.

Eoin's main technical professional interests are software architecture, distributed systems, computer security, and data management.

Eoin holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Software Engineering from Brunel and Manchester Universities. He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and is a chartered engineer (CEng) and chartered information technology professional (CITP).

You can find out more about Eoin here.

Here are only a few of our dozens of mentors!

Gaurav is a Senior Architect with 16+ years of experience. He has been working with Microsoft Consulting Service in India for the past 7 years. He helps senior management in aligning their IT capabilities to innovate and achieve momentum for their business goals. He has been architecting and delivering solutions using various technologies for nearly 17 years. He has delivered solutions in the areas of Investment Banking, Insurance, HR, Manufacturing, Retail Banking and ITES. These solutions were based on a wide range of technologies including Microsoft and Java platform based solutions. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (SQL Server), Microsoft Certified Architect (SQL Server), and Microsoft Certified Architect (Solutions), IASA Certified Architect Professional and a practicing Six Sigma and PMP (Project Management Professional) professional.
Information Technology and Services
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture

I have been in the software industry for over 25 years and have seen it gone through a lot of transformations. I have worked in mid range and mainframes, client-server and web development, service orineted and cloud computing and the journey continues on. I am Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA), Microsoft Certified Architect, as well as, CITA-P certified architect.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Automotive
  • Capital Markets
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Computer Software
  • Design
  • Entertainment
  • Information Services
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Internet
  • Real Estate
  • Utilities
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
Edward Clark Jr. has over twenty five years’ experience with building and consulting with technology organizations that solve fortune fifty companies’ business needs. Ed has expertise in managing e-businesses and operational support high performance teams (i.e., Enterprise Service Desk, Command Center, Operational Readiness, and Deployment\Software Distribution teams) using repeatable processes and procedures. Ed also has proven success authoring strategic organizational and technical support best practices, designing implementation plans, and successfully managing the execution of those plans to increase corporate value. Ed began his career at Allstate Insurance Company, where he worked for eighteen years. Ed was also a Director of Operations at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, prior to joining Microsoft. While at Microsoft, Ed has been a member of the Consulting for IT Operations and the Midwest District Microsoft Consulting Services teams. Ed previously focused on delivering Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) & Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) training, delivering Microsoft IT Architecture and Planning (ITAP) engagements to help customers drive improvements in their IT operations and strategic processes. Currently, Ed has worked as the Enterprise Architect for a federal government agency over the last four years and recently assumed responsibility of a strategy engagement for a media and entertainment business. Ed really enjoys contact with customers at the highest levels in organizations and he has had experience managing IT initiatives and teams. He is encouraged by the opportunity to share his breadth of experience with customers and colleagues to help provide maximum value for Microsoft’s platform. Ed has a B.S. degree in Finance with a minor in Management from Purdue University and an Executive M.B.A., from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Ed is also a certified ITIL V2 Master and a member of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), CITA-P Board Certified. Ed resides in Northbrook, Illinois (Northwest suburb of Chicago) is married (Charisse) and has three children, two daughters (Kristen, Katelyn) ages twenty and eighteen and one son (John) age thirteen. He enjoys community volunteerism, watching all his kids’ athletic activities, college football, swimming and weightlifting. An interesting fact about Ed is that he was a member of the 1984 Purdue Peach Bowl Team as a running back. BOILER UP and HAIL PURDUE!
Information Technology and Services
Enterprise Architecture
Solutions Architect working for Microsoft Services Australia and the Sydney Solutions Development Center. MCA, CITA-P and Board Member with 20+ years of IT software development experience on different platforms. Originally from Sweden, now living in Astralia with his wife and five children. Keenly interested in chess and chess programming.
Financial Services
Software Architecture
Richard specializes in enterprise infrastructure and operations architecture. He has extensive experience in the enterprise design, implementation and operating of LOB/IT systems and data center infrastructures, as well as IT Operation’s systems and solutions. Currently he is Chief Architect and owner of Sustainable Evolution Inc., an “individual” consulting firm focusing on the design and implementation of trustworthy, sustainable and manageable systems as well as Business/IT support. SEI strives to provide specialized consulting especially to medium to large firms who want enterprise capabilities. Richard also provides technical hands-on services to businesses to optimize their existing core business platforms and operations as well as realizing their emerging systems and services. Richard provides mentoring to individuals who are striving to develop, manage, and build their IT and Architecture practice. He is a Microsoft Certified Architect and has previously been with Microsoft in strategic, technical, operational, and architectural roles, as well as in several key architectural roles outside of Microsoft. He worked with Microsoft to enable dynamic, adaptive systems via the Microsoft technology stack and to build referential architectures based on the Microsoft Windows Server Systems and System Center technologies. He has several patents in these areas. His first career was as an architect in the commercial building industry.
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Banking
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Software
  • Design
  • Education Management
  • E-Learning
  • Entertainment
  • Executive Office
  • Facilities Services
  • Financial Services
  • Information Services
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Internet
  • Management Consulting
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
More profiles coming soon!