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Membership Levels

Starting December 9th 2013 Iasa is introducing a new "Corporate Membership" level allowing organizations to take the best of Iasa Global and Iasa Communities of Practice into their companies and to interact with the top organizations in the world to develop the standard of practice for enterprise and technology architecture.

In addition Iasa is introducing “Basic Free Membership” level allowing people new to the organization to explore a limited selection of benefits and learn more about Iasa, the largest global professional non-profit association for Enterprise and Technology architects.

Both levels are new additions to Iasa's existing  "Full Membership" which provides the most benefits and value to our individual members. Iasa has and will continue increasing benefits to full membership.

Corporate Membership

Iasa member organizations can take advantage of local corporate membership to support communities of practice focused on particular geographic areas or choose to participate as a part of full Global membership from Bronze to Platinum levels. All organizational members get access to the Core ITABoK for their employees and access to participate.
For details on all levels, benefits and pricing go here.

Full Membership

Full Annual membership consist of global and chapter membership. If there is no local chapter in your area, please select the global chapter. The global chapter is a virtual chapter combining benefits from all chapters.

Fee: $125-$150 (depending on location)

  • Subscription to biweekly Iasa newsletters for industry, event and education news
  • Full access to architectural and trends focused webinars and E-summits
  • Full access to local, global and virtual knowledge and research communities
  • Full access to 1,000+ white papers, articles, podcasts and presentations in the online Content Repository
  • Extensive online Self-Assessment including learning resources for each pillar
  • Downloadable IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK)
  • Free Professional Lucid Chart account (a $100 value!)
  • Access to free online courses (Introduction to Leadership)
  • Discounts to all online training courses
  • Online Membership Directory

    Local Chapter Benefits:
  • Access to all local chapter events and activities
  • Access to chapter programs tailored to the local community
  • Special interest and certification study group meetings
  • Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with your peers
  • Generous discounts for industry conferences
  • Discounts for all local education/training events
  • Local certification opportunities
  • Speaking opportunities at chapter events, conferences and webinar
  • Participate on Iasa Boards and Committees

Discounts for Full Membership: Contributors & Students - 50% discount
Contributing Qualification for discount:
Please send an email prior to registering online if you are interested in becoming a contributing member. By registering for contributing membership, individuals commit to submit at least 3 content items for the Iasa community and/or volunteer for working groups under the BoE or BoCM for the year of enrollment. Content items generally consist of written educational articles or local/virtual presentations.
Student Qualification for discount:
 Student must either be currently enrolled as full or part-time status and provide proof of enrollment to Iasa via fax or email from Academic Services.

Basic Free Membership

  • Subscription to Iasa newsletters for industry, event and education news
  • Access to free architectural and trends focused webinars
  • Limited access to virtual knowledge and research communities
  • Limited access to the online Iasa content repository
  • Limited access to local chapter activities*
*Chapter benefits vary for each chapter. Check with the local chapter leadership team for local Basic Free Membership benefits.