As a member of Iasa Global, you will tap into resources that will help you address day-to-day challenges and keep you at the forefront of architectural practice and business development strategy. The Iasa Global association works to bring you benefits that promote knowledge sharing and contribute to the success of the worldwide architect community.




Below listed benefits are included in Full Annual Membership. A limited selection is accessible for Basic Free Members.

Professional Resources

& Webinars - Iasa provides 30+ live presentations per year by noted industry experts followed by a Q&A sessions.

Iasa Newsletter - Biweekly electronic newsletters give Iasa members the latest information regarding upcoming chapter events and activities, industry events, member discounts, articles, news and volunteer opportunities as well as news items related to Iasa education and certification.

Architecture Repository - The Iasa repository contains over 1,000 articles, reusable resources such as patterns and templates, recordings of chapter events and webinars, presentations, white papers, article and book reviews.

Self-Assessment - To determine the activities and resources most beneficial for you at this point in your career, Iasa has created an online self-assessment based on the "Five Pillars". In addition all members will be able to download a copy in pdf format.

Downloadable IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) - The ITABoK is the skills collection of the proven IT Architecture best practices collected from successful IT Architects globally including the five foundational pillars: Business Technology Strategy, IT Environment, Quality Attributes, and Design and Human Dynamics.

Free Professional LucidChart Account - Collaborate globally with other architects and leverage the world's largest design and architecture library to jump start any architecture effort. Full Iasa members enjoy an annual subscription to a professional LucidChart account ($100 value).

Exclusive Member Discounts - Iasa members receive thousands of dollars worth of discounts for various products and events throughout the year.

Recognition - Iasa gives members the opportunity to publish their opinions and ideas through articles, white papers, local and virtual presentations and book reviews. Please contact us to be considered.

Job Board - The architecture community finally has a job board dedicated to architects. Post your resume or search for job opportunities.

Community Interaction

Local Chapters
- Interact directly with other architects through meetings and expert panels at an Iasa chapter nearest you. In addition to regular chapter events, most chapters organize annual conferences (ITARC) and offer access to tailored chapter programs: Research, knowledge, and special interest groups, CTO/CIO forums, collaboration with academia, participation in STEM activities and much more.

Events - We bring professional development for technology decision makers directly to your community through training courses, workshops and seminars, conferences. Iasa also holds special events for community outreach and fundraising.

Member Blogs - Iasa members have the ability to write blog entries on architecture related topics. Please contact us for access to our professional blog on our website.

Education & Certification

Architecture Training Program - As a part of our ongoing effort to provide service and value to IT architects, the Iasa Education Department has developed coursework to better train and educate architects. Iasa's education is offered as online course work and in-person classroom training in order to advance both the fundamental and specialty skills of IT architects.

Certification - Iasa has developed the first technology and vendor agnostic architecture certification career path adopted by many companies, local computer societies, and individual members. Full Iasa membership is required before obtaining Iasa certification.

Working Groups - The working group program brings together industry leaders and architecture experts to drive progress and best practices in areas which directly affect the jobs of practicing architects. The output of the Iasa working group is subjected to review by Iasa members and must be validated by the architecture community in order for the work to be released to the public.

Capability Guidebook Group 

Online Training Module Authors