Iasa Fellowship

Scott Ambler, IBM
Scott Ambler is the leading exponent of Agile Modeling (AM) methodologies. He is the author of many books on software architecture and process, and a columnist for Software Development magazine. His most recent book is "Agile Modeling: Effective Practices for Extreme Programming and the Unified Process." 

Len Bass, Carnagie Mellon University/SEI 
Len Bass is a senior member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). He has written or edited five books and numerous papers on software engineering and other topics. He has extensive experience in architecting real-world development projects.


Angela Yochem, AstraZeneca

Angela Yochem is the Chief Technology Officer at AstraZeneca, promoting opportunities for innovative partners to accelerate business advantage, make a meaningful difference to patient health, and bring value to society.


Angela built a track record of driving transformation, profitability and agility in complex environments in senior roles at Dell, Bank of America, SunTrust, UPS, and IBM.  Prior to her executive leadership roles, Angela specialized in design and delivery of large-scale distributed systems and solutions to complex integration and convergence challenges.


Angela is a published author with Prentice-Hall and Addison-Wesley, a US Patent holder, and is a frequent speaker on technology, diversity and leadership at executive forums and events in the United States and abroad.


Grady Booch,  IBM

Grady Booch is recognized internationally for his innovative work on software architecture, modeling, and software engineering process. His work has improved the effectiveness of software developers worldwide. He has been with Rational Software Corporation as Chief Scientist since its founding in 1980. Grady is one of the original developers of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and was also one of the original developers of several of Rational's products including Rational Rose. Grady has served as architect and architectural mentor for numerous complex software systems around the world. 

Paul Clements, SEI/Carnagie Mellon University

Paul Clements is a senior member of the technical staff at the SEI, where he works on software architecture and product line engineering. He is the author of five books and more than three dozen papers on these and other topics. 

Scott Whitmire
Certified professional IT architect with more than 30 years of experience in Enterprise-Level Systems Architecture, Software Development Leadership, measurement and optimization of architectures and systems designs, corporate performance measurement, development, enhancement, and orchestration of technical products/platforms, multi-million dollar technical projects, cross-functional teams, organizational objectives, bottom line results, and delivery of breakthrough products for future growth. Expertise in Product Development, Architecture and Design Measurement and Optimization, Operations Optimization, Project Management, Cost Control, IT Strategy, Team Leadership, Motivation, Operational Streamlining, System Improvements, Cost Reduction, Long-term Project Management, Client Management, and Client-centric Technical Solutions. Specialties: Large, complex systems; measurement and optimization of business processes, information systems architectures, and software application designs; difficult technical problems; quickly learn new tools, languages, or business domains.

Miriam Grace, Boeing 

Miriam Grace is a Senior Systems Architect with Boeing’s Enterprise Information Technology organization and is a member of the Boeing Technical Excellence Fellowship. Her areas of expertise are business architecture and business process management systems design. She has over 20 years experience as a computing systems architect and software development project manager. Miriam is on the editorial board of the International Association of Software Architects, is a published author, holds a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design and a Ph.D. in Leadership. Miriam has taught at the graduate level and designed a learning system that provides a curriculum of foundational skills for software architects at Boeing based on whole systems design principles and practices.


Richard Hubert, Hubert & Associates GmbH

Richard Hubert received a Master of Science Degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987. He served as director of the Unix Consulting Center for DIGITAL Equipment Corporation in Munich until 1990 when he founded the Interactive Objects Software GmbH (www.io-software.com) which was acquired in 2004.
During his 13 years as chief consultant and director at Interactive Objects, he served as chief architect in large national and international projects across diverse industries and as an expert in IT-architecture for the European Commission. In 1997 he received the highest-level certification in Convergent Engineering in San Francisco USA and proceeded to lecture on IT-architecture at the Convergent Engineering Institute.
In 2001, he published the world&s first book on the OMGs Model Driven Architecture (MDA), the first MDA book selected to bear the OMG-Press seal of quality, where he introduced the concepts of Convergent Architecture and IT-Architectural Style (www.ConvergentArchitecture.com).  He is tri-lingual (English, German, French) and operates from offices in Germany and France.

Max Poliashenko

Despite having a Ph.D. in Physics, Max has been in IT for about 15 years. Currently, Max works for Bank of America in Strategic Architecture Management of Consumer and Corporate Staff IT. He also leads enterprise architecture SOA Model workgroup at the bank. Prior to that, he worked at Sage Software as Chief Architect of its Small Business Accounting division. Max is a Microsoft Certified Architect and member of MCA BOD.

He also serves in advisory capacity at Microsoft’s Interoperability Executive Council and at IBM’s Industry Modeling Advisory Board, collaborating with IBM on SOA and BPM reference models for financial sector. Max is also currently the Vice-President of IASA Atlanta chapter. Max has written numerous articles on various topics and has given presentations at many conferences, most recently at ITARC Atlanta 2010.

Nick Rozanski

Nick Rozanski is the Architect for Rates IT in Barclays Investment Bank in London, UK. He previously worked as the Head of Enterprise Architecture for BGI, and as an Enterprise Technical Architect for Marks and Spencer. He is particularly interested in the role and practice of architecture, and is co-author of the book "Software Systems Architecture" with Eoin Woods, another IASA Fellow.

Nick has worked in IT since 1980 and gained wide experience with several large and small systems integrators, including Logica, Capgemini, and Sybase. He has taken senior roles on a wide range of programs for clients in finance, retail, manufacturing, and government. His technology background includes enterprise application integration, package implementation, relational database, data replication, and object-oriented software development. He is also an experienced technical instructor and certified internal project auditor.

Nick was educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Manchester United Kingdom. You can find out more about Nick here.

Roger Sessions, ObjectWatch

Roger Sessions is the CTO of ObjectWatch. His ObjectWatch Newsletter is now in its thirteenth year of publication. He has written six books including Software Fortresses; Modeling Enterprise Architectures and many articles. He is on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Software Architects, Editor-in-Chief of Perspectives of the International Association of Software Architects, and a Microsoft recognized MVP in Enterprise Architecture. He has given talks in more than 30 countries, 70 cities and 100 conferences on the topic of Enterprise Architecture.  Learn more about Roger here


Oliver Sims, Sims Associates
With over thirty-five years’ experience in most areas of IT, Oliver Sims has worked in primarily in the Enterprise Architecture field. Currently CTO of Agile Enterprise Ltd, a UK-based start-up, Oliver has held leading positions in both enterprise middleware and EA consulting companies over the past fifteen years. Previously, he held a senior technical position in IBM, working with IBM’s largest UK customers, and with IBM’s International Technical Support Centre in Austin, Texas. Oliver was one of the first to prove the synergy between component-based software, XML-like interfaces, and distributed objects. In the 1990s, he was chief architect for a highly innovative component container middleware product that implemented these concepts. A founder member of the OMG Architecture Board, Oliver has contributed to the development of MDA and UML2. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and has several books (including co-authorship of Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures and Business Component Factory) as well as numerous articles to his credit.                                                       


Jeff Tash, Flashmap Systems

Jeff Tash is co-founder, president, and CEO of Flashmap Systems, Inc. (www.FlashmapSystems.com).  Throughout his 30-year career, Jeff has specialized in emerging information technologies. His expertise has spanned enterprise architecture, software architecture, SOA, client/server, object-oriented, and relational technology. He is respected as a nuts & bolts strategist who has had extensive experience solving exceedingly complex IT issues.  Over a million of Jeff’s IT Roadmap wall posters have been distributed worldwide since their original publication back in 1994.  This 5 poster series describes IT Infrastructure, Application Development, COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) Applications, and Business Intelligence. These posters provide an impressive, easy to read, hard copy reference of the IT industry.


Eoin Woods

portrait of eoin woods

Eoin Woods has been working in the software engineering field since 1990 for companies including Ford, Groupe Bull, Sybase, InterTrust, and Zuhlke Engineering, in applied research, server product development and large-scale information systems implementation roles. Today, Eoin works for UBS Investment Bank as a software and enterprise architect in the exchange traded derivatives area.

Eoin's main technical professional interests are software architecture, distributed systems, computer security, and data management.

Eoin holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Software Engineering from Brunel and Manchester Universities. He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and is a chartered engineer (CEng) and chartered information technology professional (CITP).

You can find out more about Eoin here.