Forming a Chapter

Chapters of Iasa are already located in many of the major population areas of the world. Make sure there is no other chapter in your city.  Generally, chapters serve the city they’re located in, and there will not be more than one in each city. Even if there is already a chapter in your country, that chapter may not have evolved into a country affiliate. Currently approval for any new chapter or country affiliate is handled through Iasa Headquarters.
If you are interested in forming a chapter orcountry affiliate you will generally follow these steps:
  1. Form an organizing committee and appoint three chapter board positions - President, Vice (or Co-) President and Treasurer/Secretary.
  2. Prepare bylaws for approval by Iasa and sign the Iasa agreement.
  3. Plan, promote and hold the initial meeting where attendees officially elect officers and vote to approve the bylaws.
  4. Complete your Chapter Management Plan and Goals with your leadership team, and submit to Iasa Headquarters within three months of charter approval.