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Iasa Consulting Services, and Component Adoption for Organizations:

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Engagement Model Development – Iasa offers consulting to help your organization define and implement an effective architecture engagement model. The engagement model provides an approach for architect teams to use in determining what projects architects are assigned to, what documentation will be created for every project in an organization, how to describe value gained from projects, and how to collect that information.

Iasa Framework Adoption – Iasa offers consulting to help your organization leverage the best practices identified by successful architects worldwide. We can help your organization identify what tools, frameworks, and methodologies are in place and where additional development work is needed.

Management Support –
Iasa offers consulting to help your organization - Develop internal job descriptions that align your internal needs and the Iasa descriptions and levels for architects - Compensation models that drive the behavior needed to align and reward individuals for helping the business attain their yearly business goals - team layout that drives greatest coverage of IT projects and leverages the strengths of your team

HiPo program Creation – Iasa offers consulting to help your organization identify and accelerate growth of your junior staff that have the highest potential to become future leaders inside of your organization - HR guidance – The Iasa offer consulting to help your HR team effectively organize and screen applicants to match the openings in your organization. We can supply screening questions they can use to determine of the applicant is a good fit for hiring manager phone interview, and then provide an approach for effectively interviewing candidates.

Skills Analysis and Learning Planning
– Iasa offers consulting to help your organization evaluate the level of skill for each architect and create a customized learning path to help them grow their career. The learning path includes training, books and online content to review, and experiences to gain in order to achieve various milestones in their learning road-map.

Team Training (online and offline) – Iasa has online and instructor-led training, as well as a wealth of content available on the Iasa website. We can create a customized training solution to help get your architect team to a common baseline and using a common language. We can then deliver advanced training to grow specific expertise in your organization.

IT Executive and C-Level training– Iasa can develop custom online or in-person training for C-Level and Executive staff on the value of architecture, and how the architect team can impact the organization and influence profitability through business-technology strategy.

Team Certification – The Iasa has created a 4 level certification structure that validates skills acquisition, practical experience, and mastery. Foundation and Associate (Iasa-F, Iasa-A) introduce the Iasa’s IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) and an approach to combining those skills as an architect. Professional and Master (CITA-P, CITA-M) leverage a review board interview approach to validate experience leveraging the ITABoK skills as a practicing architect.