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ART Program

Partner Offer

20 architect level training courses for only $10k.

Only 50 partner spots available before Jan. 2012.

“Finding services companies that can provide strategic consulting at the architecture level is one of my top priorities this year”.
Senior Director,
$76 billion US company

Preparing for the Future

Global customers demand an international standard of excellence in technology architecture. From significant cost savings to brand new lines of business, architecture is a major contributor to the bottom line. The Microsoft Partner Network has identified Iasa as this industry standard for architect training and certification.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are offering you the opportunity to train your team to build dramatic new lines of business through advanced technology offerings and capabilities. With these strategic technical resources, in pre-sales and architecture, you will be able to attract new customers and deepen your relationships with existing customers.

Premier Architect Training For Microsoft Partners

Microsoft and Iasa, the largest and most respected association for technology architects in the world, are partnering to deliver these strategic capabilities to your team. Iasa’s training builds in-depth skills in technology consulting and new business development including:

  • Architect Core skills,
  • Business Architecture,
  • Business Technology Strategy,
  • Human Dynamics,
  • Information Architecture,
  • Infrastructure Architecture and
  • Software Architecture.
The offering contains 20 of our 5-day training courses for developing critical architect skills:

  • Train 2 people through 10 courses or 20 people in one 5-day course or any combination in between
  • Receive a total of $50,000 of training for $10,000 (an 80% discount)
  • 7 courses available at launch
  • 3 training locations available throughout the US with more to come
  • Courses develop student skills through online and in-person instructor led material
  • Real-life workshops taken from industry ensure immediate application to your business


Do we have to pay up front?
Yes. To be able to offer such drastic discounts and maintain our course schedule you must pay the full fee when joining the program.

How long do we have to take the training?
You have access to any MPN designated Iasa course for a total of 12 months from the end of the quarter you enroll. For example if you join in November you will have access to use your 20 sessions from November 2011 to December of the following year.

What if we don’t use all of our training sessions?
Training sessions do not roll over to the following year. We provide a robust course schedule to allow you maximum flexibility in developing your resources. Please use all of your course sessions in the allowed time frame.

What if we need more than 20 training sessions?
Iasa will work with you on direction of training for larger teams. We offer volume options including licensing for internal training, group discounts, etc.

Will there be any additional courses added?
We expect to add a variety of additional courses and will communicate updates to course offerings on a regular basis.

How technical are the courses?
Many of the courses such as software architecture are extremely technical. These courses create strategic technical resources who have equivalent business and technical skills.

How will this help me build new customers?
As business owners and executives you know the difference between deep technical skill and new business offerings. Architects help bridge the gap for your customers to understand and apply new technologies to business problems, helping you create business opportunities.

Can we attend other Iasa training sessions?
Yes. Iasa has built a dedicated schedule for the Microsoft Partner Network. If you need to attend a course held by Iasa outside of this schedule you may do so at a 50% discount off the retail price.

Student Testimonials  

"I put this course into practice the day I returned to work with my entire team. Using course concepts like views and viewpoints combined with business technology strategy is changing the way we work."

"I've been an architect for over 15 years and I still learned a huge amount from the foundation course."

"We have trained over 250 people  in Iasa courses and expect to put all of them through

the Associate learning. It is really changing the way we work."