Presentation Skills

This course is for anyone interested in improving upon their presentation style and process to have an effective presentation and what that means.

Presentation skills play an important role in business.  This 60 minute self-paced online course delivers an interactive training will offer you techniques to help improve your skills and confidence when faced with speaking to others. At the end of the course there is an interactive quiz to test your understanding of the material learned.

Target Audience

  • Entry level business professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Anyone looking to become more effective at meetings
  • College students

Course Objectives

  • Learn general business etiquette when presenting
  • Learn the best method of communicating a message
  • Learn how to respond to questions during a presentation


Lesson 1 – Preparation

Lesson 2 – Presentation Tools

Lesson 3 – Communication Skills

Lesson 4 – Dealing With Questions

Lesson 5 – Interactive Game


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