To effectively function as a business technology strategist, you must understand the business you are in. This involves an in-depth analysis and modeling of the business strategy, goals, capabilities, processes, entities and organization. These models, often called business architecture models or views, serve as a key asset in making business decisions.

Iasa’s Associate Business Technology Strategy training course equips architects with the necessary knowledge required to adapt technical solutions to business processes.

  • Engage in scoping initiatives to determine costs and strategic opportunities.
  • Better understand the political weight and usefulness of architecture to stakeholders.
  • Ensure the appropriate prioritization mechanisms are in place to optimize cost/value of architecture initiatives.
  • Optimize project plans to achieve the appropriate balance between resource usage and project duration to comply with organizational goals and project objectives.


Iasa’s architect learning path is designed to ensure the best learning experience. The path begins with the Architect Core course which prepares students for the CITA-Foundation level exam (included in the course). The next step is the associate level specialization courses in Business, Infrastructure, Information, Software and the generalization track of Solution. This offering is meant to cover all architect fields and any or all can be taken by the student. Each associate level course includes the pre-work Business Technology Strategy materials and the CITA-Associate exams.

The next two steps in the path are knowledge and experience level review boards, CITA-Specialist and CITA-Professional.  Find out more on the Iasa certifications here.

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Students progress through detailed definitions and ontology, instructor and student led discussions, hands-on workshops and industry case studies.

The BTS course is included in all associate pre-work as self-study .pdf materials (slides with instructor notes). Onsite instructor led training is also available with 10 or more students needed to hold the course. .


Self study BTS materials (slides with instructor notes) with exam sold separately ($500)

Instructor-led online course with exam included (e-mail for pricing)

Instructor-led onsite course with exam included (e-mail for pricing)


The BTS exam is offered 2 ways:

  1. Stand alone 50 question exam proctored online
  2. 50 question exam proctored online as part of the CITA-Associate exam which is included in all Associate level courses

The stand alone exam is a 1.5 hour timed exam within an online environment. Once completed, you will receive immediate notification of your score. A 70% or higher is required to pass the exam and receive your completion certificate (if requested).

Please note, the BTS materials and exam are all included in the Associate level pricing but if the BTS materials and exam can be taken separate from the course but no discount or reimbursement will be supplied by Iasa if the Associate level course and/or exam is purchased after. Those who have taken the BTS exam do NOT have to re-take the exam with the Associate level course.

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