An EA Guide to Digital Transformation

An enterprise architecture team has a tall order getting a digital transformation program off the ground. We met up with Gari Garcia, Enterprise Architect IAG GBS, to discuss. We covered a range of great topics including digital strategy formation and development, PMO integration, innovation management, execution and delivery as well as architecture team building.

Form, Structure and Function – Architecture is NOT Emergent

I have recently been studying the implications of Agile on enterprise and technology architecture. As a part of that I was looking through traditional architects relationship to other team members (structural engineers, construction, plumbers, electricians, etc). This has always been a passion of mine as a student of professions but this time I was looking

Iasa IT Architecture Competition

I am headed off to Seattle this weekend to participate in the Iasa IT Architect Competition (, the first IT Architect scholarship competition for undergraduate and graduate students. This exciting event was the brainchild of the Seattle Chapter, and I could not be more excited about what it entails. What makes me most excited about

Cool Things by IASA Members

One of the things IASA does is bring software architects together. At the last IASA world summit in N.Y.C., I happened to hang out with an architect from Ireland. IASA Member and leader of the IASA Irish group at that time. An impressive architect with both vision and drive. Gar Mac Criosta is one of

Adventures of CITA-F Architect: Why and when does IT Architect need to create the business case for IT system?

The current business environment becomes gradually more global, more competitive, innovative, responsive and cost-sensitive. The organizations’ need for IT systems improving their efficiency and effectiveness, bringing innovation and enabling them to achieve competitive advantage constantly grows. Every IT system constitutes significant investment of the organization’s financial and time resources. Therefore, it also increases the demand

Demonstrating the Value of Architects Through AVM

There is a lot said about the value of architecture to an organization but very little that is concrete. Most blogs, books and resources focus on esoteric concepts such as ease of communication, faster delivery, business and IT alignment, business facilitation, etc. I have always found these measures to be incomplete and difficult to understand, and

Memorial Day 2014 and my law of innovation… (This blog published on Sunday) Tomorrow let’s take a moment to remember those who have fallen. Not just here in the US but also around the world. Those who paved the way for those of us who are free and those paving the way for those who wish to be free. (To those

Architects and Innovation – Part 1

As architect teams begin to consider their engagement model, they must include their approach to innovation. Unfortunately, though most architects would like to immediately create innovative change in their companies, there are a lot of roadblocks to getting your team's engagement model connected to the ideation process for next generation business models. Many businesses do