Iasa’s Board of Director’s

Scott Whitmire

Scott Whitmire is currently an enterprise architect at-large. He provides architecture services to small and large companies. He has over 30 years of business change and software development experience, including serving as lead architect on a number of major applications. His interest in software engineering and architecture began over 25 years ago as he became frustrated with the state of the systems on which he worked, as well as those he had built. He has built or designed applications for several industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, professional practice management, financial services, wholesale, retail, and telecommunications.

Mr. Whitmire is the Chair of the Iasa Board of Education and serves on the Iasa Board of Directors. He is one of the original members of the Curriculum Committee, is one of the initial authors of Iasa’s definitions of software and infrastructure architecture, led the committee’s efforts to define business architecture as an architecture specialty, and is the primary author of Iasa’s Business Architecture course.

Mr. Whitmire is a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Iasa Fellow, and a CITA-P. He has published one book (so far), Object Oriented Design Measurement, and numerous papers, articles, and presentations. He is a frequent speaker at Iasa chapter and global events.

Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen joined Lockheed Martin IS&GS after 15 years at Microsoft where he served as the first Director of The Cloud Computing Community. Andersen consults with sophisticated technical teams across the organization to help drive technical and “go-to-market” strategies and commercial best practices. Andersen earned his BS from Indiana University. He holds positions on the Board of Directors and the Board of Education for Iasa Global.

Tom Thomas

Tom Thomas is a certified IT Specialist Architect with over 15 years of experience conceptualizing, designing, building, deploying and maintaining customer focused enterprise data driven applications and systems. He has experience working directly with government, financial, real estate, hospitality and retail segments. He also has expertise in software architecture, information architecture, project management, team building, database design, SOA, agile development, collaborative development environments, data driven applications, UI/UX design and rapid prototyping. Tom is currently a Solution Architect for Costco.