Board of Chapters and Membership (BoCM)

The number one goal of any successful Iasa community is to add and bring value to its membership, local businesses and community. The goal of the BoCM is to act as a resource to help chapter leaders establish, maintain and evolve Iasa chapters and provide a bridge to Iasa Global and the Board of Education. This helps to ensure that your local community needs and desires are heard while at the same time giving you insight to what is happening with the Iasa curriculum and global initiatives.

The Board of Chapters and Membership is made up of chapter leaders and professionals from around the world. This group is made up of representatives from some of the most powerful groups in the world including but not limited to: authors of books, instructors at academic institutions, employees of Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T, Dell and more.

The BoCM invites you to join the varies working committees and contribute to the world wide archITect community.

By contributing your knowledge, experience and time in a BoCM working committee you add value to our global membership and support our chapters worldwide. You will also qualify for contributing membership and receive a discount on your annual membership fee.

BoCM Board Members

Tom Thomas
BoCM Chair & Puget Sound Chapter VP
What excites me about Iasa and the chapter opportunities that lie ahead is we have the ability to educate our professional community and the world about IT Architecture. Our contributions can further the understanding of what IT Architecture is, should be and can become.  We are paving the way for how IT Architecture will be seen by members of all levels and disciplines of the organization.  Those embracing what Iasa has to offer will be empowering themselves to have a well-deserved seat at the decision making table.
Michael Callan
BoCM European Chair & Ireland Chapter Board Member
Mick, founding member of the Iasa Irish chapter,  is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years experience in the IT industry and a wealth of experience in the strategic selection, design and delivery of complex systems. Mick is a passionate exponent of the role Enterprise Architecture can play in delivering benefit to organizations though business and IT alignment. Currently working as a Senior IT Analyst for EirGrid since 2006 in a role encompassing both Business and Technology Architecture. Mick is currently driving EirGrid Cloud and Mobile Computing Strategies in order to further develop the IT architecture landscape at EirGrid. Outside the IT sphere Mick has written travel articles and enjoys reading history and politics.

BoCM – Working Committees

1. Membership Benefits Committee

Members of this committee shall define the process by which a membership benefit will be evaluated and added to the existing benefits. The working group is responsible to explore and identify new membership benefits and establish an ongoing process to engage with third parties benefit provider.

• Clear recommendations on a catalog of potential and desired membership benefit categories
• A documented application process for submitting benefits to Iasa
• Guidelines and process for reviewing proposed benefits
• A monitoring process for benefits already offered
• Ongoing outreach/marketing plan to continuously review new benefits

• Full Membership Status
• Knowledge about Iasa and Iasa programs

• 1 formal monthly meeting with all committee members
• Regular email communication
• 5 hours monthly

2. Global Architect Survey Committee

Purpose of this committee is to conduct ongoing surveys to collect representative data about architect professionals and their impact globally. Committee members shall define survey questions and process by which it will be sent out to the architect community globally.

• Clear recommendations on a set of questions for the survey
• A documented outlining how the survey shall be sent out so it can be aggregated in a meaningful way
• Guidelines and process for storing/maintaining the membership data post the initial survey
• A monitoring process for surveying new members as they are on boarded
• Ongoing outreach/survey plan to continuously review new trends and needs

• Basic Free or Full Membership Status
• Extensive knowledge about Iasa and Iasa programs
• Practicing architect

• 1 formal monthly meeting with all committee members Participation Email
• Regular email communication
• 5-8 hours monthly

3. Global Chapter Collaboration

The goal of this committee is to enable chapters to share chapter created content with other chapters benefiting all members.The working group shall enable Communication between chapters so that they can explore ways to share content and structures. The working group will help identify collaboration tools, standards and structures to be used at a global, regional and chapter level.

• Full Membership Status
• Committee members need to be appointed and/or approved by the local chapter leadership team.

• 1 formal monthly meeting with all committee members
• Regular email communication
• 5 hours monthly Meetings