01/20/2012 Iasa Donates a Portion of December and January Revenue to Thailand Flood Victims

Iasa Donates a Portion of December and January Revenue to Thailand Flood Victims

Instead of offering membership specials over the holidays in December and January Iasa will donate a portion of membership funds to the flood relief operation. In addition Iasa will donate a portion of every other December transaction to support Thais affected by this tremendously devastating flood. People will also be able to make open voluntarily donations for this cause on the Iasa website.

Thailand is currently facing its worst flooding in 50 years. Flood waters have swamped more than two-thirds of the country, submerging rice fields and shutting down hundreds of factories while over 900,000 families and businesses have been impacted and hundreds of lives have been tragically lost.

This effort will kick off a series of 2012 charitable activities for the architecture profession. In addition to fund raising, Iasa will begin activist based efforts to allow technology and enterprise architects from all over the world to donate their time and work together on projects needed to normalize life in disaster affected areas, provide strategic services to charitable organizations around the world, develop new action and research in how technology can support life and human services.

“A profession is a lot more than certifications and training,” said Paul Preiss, Chairman and CEO of Iasa. “The future of the technology architecture includes a set of ethical principles which include giving back to people, organizations and causes which aid human development. The Thai chapter of Iasa led by Dr. Rom Hiranpruk and the full global professional body is dedicated to helping relieve some of the strain on the Thai people during and after this crisis. Our hearts go out to the people impacted by this serious flooding.

Iasa is focused on the architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education for IT architects of all levels around the world. Damaris Bode, Iasa Chapter Director adds: “Thailand architects are leading our community efforts and will be channeling Iasa’s global financial and service emergency support to appropriate activities to aid the Thai people.”

Dr. Rom Hiranpruk, Iasa Thailand Chapter president informs us: “We are returning to normal activities but most events and meetings of non-critical nature are postponed in November and December to allow for repairs. As I write this even schools and universities in Bangkok which have been closed since October have not resume classes, they are scheduled to re-open in December after two months shut down.”

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