10/23/2009 Review - An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework


This is another EA Framework and Methodology aimed at securing business IT alignment. It is however a little more sophisticated than most and has as its foundation a  fairly unique framework which is worth some consideration.


Grigoriu's Function, Flow Layer and Views (FFLV) Framework underpins four domains, Development, Support, Governance and Operations know collectively as GODS. Each domain contains a number of functions and there are three views of each function; process, technology and people. The emphasis on business processes and the organization of its domains arguably assures that this approach is better aligned than most.


The methodology is supported by a light weight section on business case development which in turn is support by some pretty strong accounting based arguments for the ROI of EA. If you're still having those sort of stupid discussions in your organization this book will provide you with some good ammunition.


The book is mostly about architecture and while it tackles the interface between architecture and system development this is not the book's strong point. Although it does make a better fist of  data mapping to functions than the typical methodology book this too is really an aside.


The book  also contains a useful section on EA best practices which it delivers in a concise, although arguably a too simplistic a manner.


This is a competent book and while it isn't as complete as its author would like you to believe; which was always unlikely at 220+ pages, it contains enough different ideas and approaches to earn its place on your bookshelf. Not a book for managers, but a good set of alternate views that will extend the horizons of most architects, novice or experienced.  In short, it's a bit different and definitely worth a look.


Grigoriu, Adrian (2007), An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia.

ISBN 141208665-5

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